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My husband and I listen each week!

David’s authenticity and practical tools keep my husband and I coming back for more. Each week we have committed to listening to an episode and discussing it after the kids are in bed. I’m so excited about the potential for our financial present and future because of him. My own father is a financial advisor and has never given me advice as golden as this!


Trustworthy and enjoyable!

Hearing David’s positive and informative take on the economy and the challenges posed by the coronavirus in every sphere of our lives has been a balm to my anxiety in these stressful times. I honestly have very little bandwidth for most podcasts right now, particularly self-improvement podcasts or anything that feels like too much work or stress to follow, but I find myself consistently tuning into this one because I always leave feeling more hopeful and empowered to focus on what I can control.



I love this podcast so much. I first became a fan of David Bach after hearing him on the Marie Forleo podcast and then read The Latte Factor. I absolutely love your combination of personal finance and living well. A great all around wellness podcast. Please keep making these podcasts! Thanks, David for all the inspiration.


Thank you!

So glad to hear your voice again, David! I appreciate all of your wisdom, positivity and advice. It’s very helpful. Be well, my friend.

Tiff Smets

Best Podcast Ever!

Thank you! David Bach, you changed the trajectory of my life! You have found a way to transform everything my parents and grandparents taught me into simple, everyday language. 10 years ago, my husband and I were short-selling our first home and living in a rental. My husband was laid off and we had no idea what we were doing with our money. I started pouring over your financial books, reading your newsletters, listening to your podcast just recently. We started an all-cash budget, paid off all our debt in 2019, (except our home which we bought in 2014), started paying ourselves first and opened up Roth’s for both my husband and me!

Just yesterday, thanks to your advice, we refinanced and will save 6 figures, a whopping $130,000 in interest payments, just like you said we would!

Thank you for your down-to-earth, crazy-realistic, money-savvy advice. Thank you for being transparent and open. It makes your advice feel more “do-able”.

Tamar Figueroa

Great financial and life advice!

I’ve followed David Bach since Smart Couples Finish Rich. He provides sage thoughts and advice about finance and life in general and inspires me to live my best life and do it in a financially secure way.


David’s sound advice has kept me on track!

I’ve been listening and reading David’s work for about 20 years. I love his openness and the way he approaches life. Life isn’t always perfect but he shoes you hot to handle life situations. Thanks for encouraging me from the start when I arrived in the US 21 years ago.


David Bach Podcast

David Bach is fantastic. His straight forward, optimistic approach toward money and investing is invaluable. David’s words have changed my life. Listen and read everything you can that David puts out. You won’t regret it!



David, I’m so happy to have discovered you last year. The Latte Factor Book and podcast, has been life-changing in the most positive way. Not only with finances but being life rich. Thank you for creating this platform. The episodes you have created during the pandemic has given me a lot of hope and proven how effective your methods are. I recommend your book to all my friends and family and have done a book club because I truly believe the information you provide – it is so important.


You’ve changed everything for us!

Thank you so much for all that you do! I am so glad to hear that the podcast is returning! After listening to all of your episodes and reading almost all of your books, my husband and I have managed to pay off over $20,000 in debt over the past year, and now we have an emergency fund and college funds for our kids during the pandemic! You’ve seriously changed everything for us! I can’t wait to hear more great content going forward!


One of my favorite money podcasts!

David is inspiring & encouraging while remaining realistic yet optimistic. I recommend his books & the podcast to everyone I know. I always feel ready to tackle my money goals after I listen to him. He truly practices what he preaches. He’s down to earth & so knowledgeable.


Great Advice!

David is articulate, positive and seems to genuinely care about the listener’s financial well being. I’ve enjoyed his books as well as this podcast.

Christian ATX

Keep them coming!

Started listening to your podcasts a few months ago and both my husband and I love them. We listen to them on our runs and then talk about them after. We appreciate all the financial insights and recommendations. Keep it coming please! Thank you!


Feels like advice from a smart and funny friend!

I have always been a fan of your financial advice. I’ve been paying myself first with automatic savings for years. Your recent family adventure has been something I can especially relate to as my husband and I, New Yorkers, and world travelers, have dreams of living in other parts of the world when we retire in a handful of years. Now during this unreal time – I am framing it as a radical sabbatical- and have been looking for opportunities to grow and decide what parts of that future freedoms we will enjoy in retirement-we can make happen now. Live rich now has more to do with mindset than with the balance sheet. Thank you for sharing your experiences in Florence right now. Truly feels like messages from a smart, realistic, yet always upbeat friend.

Tracy Beth V

Don’t ever stop this Podcast!

I first heard of you on the Rise podcast with Rachel Hollis and I have been hooked ever since! I love starting my mornings with your podcast and I’m currently waiting on my copy of The Latte Factor to come in the mail. I really appreciate how real and raw you are- no beating around the bush. Lastly, as a woman who loves to travel (and has talked with my husband multiple times about our dream to live abroad), your podcast is giving me that extra push I need to get my finances in order so we to can live abroad someday!