Thank you for all the inspiration and financial encouragement & advice! I have turned several of my friends into fans of yours as well! I wish you and your family all the best and look forward to many more podcasts, inspirational emails and books!


Thank you for all the wonderful work you do to help people manage their money.


Thank you VERY much for your sage advice, inspiration and dedication to helping everyone with your shared knowledge.


You have changed my life for the better, financially. I may not always make good choices with my money, but now I am more aware of the mistakes before I make them and I’m better off financially.


My name is Steve and I am a financial advisor with a major brokerage firm as well as a certified Finish Rich speaker. The Finish Rich series has transformed how I work with my clients as well as my family. Instead of focusing on just the “big money” I have taken a renewed look at how small investments over time can make a significant difference.


Thank you for your words of wisdom and honesty. Those words have gotten me through very hard times.